Educating TCM


Jane and Frederic as clinical preceptors for TCM students

Preceptors have been where students are trying to get and years of experience have taught us to be proficient and productive professionals. So it made sense to us, why not impart real-life knowledge so the next generation can be even better?

Following the entry level competencies for TCM in Canada, critical thinking for both preceptors and students were guided through the Personal Development Plan, TCM Diagnosis Reflection Tool and the Clinical Assessment Plan.

There are a few key things we have learnt and shared with our students:
- Expect and embrace both mistakes and success. These disciples us to be critical thinkers and critical thinking builds confidence and independence
- Embrace our intent and purpose in helping our patients and provide a patient-centered healthcare
-But, most of all, love what we do and have fun learning!

Direct contact with these students really brought invaluable insight to us as we continue to help in the growth of our profession and community- now and the future.

Health and Lifestyle Expo

"Reaching out to our local community with Traditional Chinese Medicine at Bowmanville's Health and Lifestyle Expo. We offered a mini consult + treatment (chair/bed) which provided a glimpse of what we offered without needles. Some were amazed by how a few distal touches can quickly ease their pain (most popular areas: neck/shoulder/tension headaches).

Seasonal nutritional advice and self-care was also suggested. It was a great way to educate about TCM to the public, network with other practitioners, and meet old and new friends. "

-Jane Cheung, R.TCMP

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Community Outreach