Thank you to our patients and the Durham community


As most of you are aware, our TCM practitioners here at Jane Cheung, R.TCMP and Associates volunteer their time as clinical preceptors for several TCM schools. It is the start of another school year ...and our students over the summer have completed their mandated clinical hours of observation, and successfully moved on to Year 2 (3 year Program)! 🎉

Our heartfelt thanks to our amazing patients for their understanding and support; involves trust in our services and belief in what we do. Open-minded and generous, they have welcomed students to observe treatment proceedings, engage in professional communication, and practice their hands-on diagnostic assessments. Sometimes students would self-doubt or bumble in conversations; but for patients to openly discuss intimate details of their life - the joys, the fears, the anxiety, the daily struggles - our students felt inspired and appreciated the encouragement and multitude of lessons provided by each of our patients.

With gratitude. 🙏

Staff at Jane Cheung, R.TCMP and Associates