Reaching out to our community


Traditional Chinese Medicine (#TCM) had been known by many as an effective treatment for pain management. There are other strengths that the public are gradually becoming aware of - especially TCM and preventative health. ☀️

The ancient Chinese had long invested in health longevity as their elixir in life, and that mindset still continues in today’s Asian communities. So, naturally, our go-to resources for self-care tips are from ancient Chinese medicine documents, shared experiences offered by local communities, and even from our own patients!

The audience learned ways their body tells them about their health and well-being, and they were particularly fascinated by how physical and emotional health ties in with the change of the season and other environmental factors. For Spring, they learned the nature of the Wood Element; its Chinese character ( 木: mu ) reminds us of Spring’s upward energy and the necessity to be ‘deeply rooted’ like the tree in order for us to express ourselves in the world and grow. Another wisdom is that life is a journey with our own pathways and our vision must be clear to see that. The vision is the main sensory organ influenced in the Wood Element.

Seasonal food suggestions and self-care tips (especially for the eyes!) in preparation for Spring were provided, followed by a Qigong practice as a group.

We used evidence-based #acupuncture research resources such as Evidence-Based Acupuncture to support our TCM talk as part of integrative health. An article indicating environmental influences on our health and brain was one of the examples. We are reminded that we can still learn from time-tested knowledge to improve the future of public health.

Thank you Taunton Health Centre and Oshawa Clinic for hosting! Looking forward to our next talk in Courtice next month. Like the Wood Element in Spring, we hope we gave them a friendly reminder of their own journey in health and well-being..... as we as TCM practitioners follow our own journey in engaging with our community and express what we can offer in improving public health.