invited to speak with students at the Department of Health and Community at Durham College

At Jane C.P. Cheung & Associates, keeping our community healthier and informed is what we do best.

Recently, we were invited as guest speakers to a group of students from the Department of Health and Community at Durham College to talk about our practice, regulation, and training in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We touched on the physiology and functions of the body through the lens of Chinese medicine: students learned ways their body tells them about their health and well-being, and they were particularly fascinated by the pulse-taking method that TCM practitioners use. Students thought it was cool when we compared (for fun) some of the ancient Chinese medicine texts with Star Wars. We also provided self-care tips for students, followed by a Qigong practice as a group.

We may have wowed them with the magic of TCM and inspired a few of them to ‘join the force’ (pun intended). ✨👌🙌

Excellent evidence-based research resources were provided to the students - noting Acupuncture Now Foundation, Evidence-Based Acupuncture, and the Acupuncture Evidence Project. These are important resources for future healthcare providers to know for TCM and integrative health.

Thank you Durham College for hosting. It turned out to be over an hour long lecture extended overtime! It was fun to engage with the students and share what we love to do.