All The Best to our TCM Student, Karen


Every year, our TCM practitioners here at Jane Cheung, R.TCMP & Associates volunteer their time as clinical preceptors for several TCM schools.

We want to congratulate our second student Karen Dray in finally completing her mandated clinical hours of observation, and successfully moving on to Year 2 (3 years full-time Traditional Chinese Medicine program). Karen is a warm, compassionate and keen student who loves TCM. She will be the type of practitioner that a community would love to work with. It has been such a pleasure to have her at our clinic where she was able to experience the practice of TCM outside a school setting and meet with a diverse community like Durham Region.

Thank you, Karen, for the thank-you note to the clinic and staff and the beautiful artwork containing meaningful Chinese characters: prosperity, success, love, and happiness.

All the best! We are confident you will be a successful integrative TCM practitioner that we want to see more of in public health.

Jane Cheung