May is Vision Health Month

“Many Canadians have little or no awareness of the signs and risk factors for vision loss, which is of significant concern because 75% of all vision loss is preventable or treatable.” - Canadian Association of Optometry

Vision loss can be devastating to Canadians of all ages – one in seven of whom will develop a major eye disease in their lifetime. Every May is marked as Vision Health Month as a time to reflect on how important good vision is to our everyday lives and the simple steps we can take to maintain it.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine (#TCM) Can Help With Eye Health

Many people see the results and benefits of acupuncture and/or herbs on their overall eye health. In some people, imbalance in the body manifests in the eyes as an eye problem or disease. Specific styles of acupuncture and/or prescribed Chinese herbs used in our clinic may be used to increase blood circulation to the eye vessels; this will, in turn, bring oxen-rich blood to diseases cells.  As the blood begins to nourish the cells, it has the added benefit of decreasing inflammation and reducing oxidation stress. 

In one study, eye pressure decreased significantly after acupuncture. Another study showed that acupuncture is a successful integrative approach to improve cataract surgery outcomes. Below are examples of the ever-increasing amount of research what TCM can offer in eye health:

The best treatment approach for people with significant eye problems or disease may be an integrative approach combined with acupuncture and/or herbs. As indicated in peer-reviewed research, acupuncture has also proven to be a safe alternative treatment option for people who have not found a resolution to their eye problems by conventional means.

Consult with your #optometrist. As experienced TCM practitioners, we have extensive knowledge in eye health cultivation and our focus is a collaborative approach for optimal eye health. As indicated in the mentioned peer-reviewed research, acupuncture is a safe treatment option.

Consider eating green leafy vegetables as they contain carotenoids that can aid promote better eyesight and overall vision..png

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