Preparing for Winter with Simple Food suggestions

For our bodies to be in tune with nature, winter is the season that emphasises introspection, rest, and conservation of physical energy. Here are some simple tips to keep our body healthier for winter:

  • Think of warm hearty soups, whole grains, and roasted nuts sounds good on cold days. Dried foods, small dark beans, seaweeds, and steamed winter greens fortify us in the winter. * if you have a cold or flu, eat much less, and use more simple, liquid-based diet such as vegetable or grain soup if chills predominate over the fever. If the fever predominates, fruit or vegetable juices or fresh fruits are better alternatives.

  • Cook foods longer, at lower temperatures and with less water

  • Salty and bitter flavours - both the salty and bitter foods are appropriate for winter, since they promote a sinking, centering quality which heightens the capacity for energy storage. However, use salt with care. Too much salt can cause 'coldness' and over-consumption of water in your body. Some bitter flavour is essential since their flavour is said to 'enter the heart' * bitter - such a lettuce, watercress, escarole, turnip. celery, asparagus, alfalfa, rye, oats, quinoa, and amaranth * salty - miso, soya sauce

  • Avoid overeating -during the holiday season, never eat to the point of being full.

  • Do not eat late at night -last meal should be as early as possible -it should be small in size and nourishing.

  • Avoid sudden, extreme diet changes -gradual changes is tolerated best.

  • Food should be easily digestible -cereal creams and purees may be necessary for those who can't chew well.

  • Avoid weakening foods and restricted cooling foods. Example of weakening food: fined sugar and it'a products, intoxicants such as, coffee and alcohol, too much salt, and highly processed foods. Example of cooling foods: most raw vegetables, fruits, and juices. Raw foods and fruit can be used to greater extent if there are heat and excess symptoms.

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